Colleen Delaney, Co-Owner, Greenwich Crossfit

After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, I knew I needed to go the extra mile when it came to my health. I discovered StriveIV and it’s changed my life. I do weekly infusions to keep my immune system strong. My favorite cocktails are Immunity & Recovery. Both of these are loaded with all the vitamins I need to keep me from getting sick. The service provided is extremely professional and the best part, they come right to your door! Thank you StriveIV for making me the healthiest version of myself.


Cat Alessi, Director of Client Services, Oxygen Fitness

Excellent! The StriveIV team and service were top rate. Our members were extremely impressed with the knowledge and care taken by the strive team. Recovery is such an important part of any fitness regiment and the StriveIV service gets that like no one else!

We highly recommend StriveIV and are looking forward to working closely with their team on a regular basis to provide this great service for our members.