How does it work?

Select your StriveIV treatment.  Choose your location of choice – home, office, hotel or partner location. Enter your billing information on our secure website. You will receive a call from StriveIV concierge to address any questions, followed by a brief call from our medical staff to review your medical history.  At the time of your appointment, our Registered Nurse will take your vitals and verify documentation.  Relax while your treatment is administered!

Where are your locations?

We offer both concierge and partner location services.  Please visit our Locations page to learn more.  If we are not in your area and you would like our treatments – let us know. Contact us at

Do you accommodate after hours appointments?

We are a premium service and will do our best to accommodate our clients at any hour.

How long will my IV treatment take?

StriveIV infusions range from thirty minutes to an hour to administer, depending on the treatment(s) ordered.

Who administers the IV infusion?

We only employ Registered Nurses who have been specially trained as IV infusion nurses. Additionally, StriveIV does in-house training for all of our specialists to ensure the utmost professionalism and level of service our clientele should expect.

Do you take insurance?

We do not accept private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. Many health plans and health savings accounts may reimburse for services on request, and we can provide you a receipt to submit to your health plan if you wish. Please feel free to call our concierge at (833) 787-4832, or email your request to

Do you accept FSA?

Yes we do accept FSA cards (confirm with your insurance company if you can apply your FSA to our services). If applicable, please complete the check out process using your FSA card. Any issues, please call our concierge at (833) 787-4832.

What is in your IV?

The IV solution is a composed of either Normal Saline Solution, Sterile Water, Lactated Ringers or D5 Water, and a highly curated combination of Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids. Our nurses and medical staff can make recommendations based upon what the client is looking to achieve.

Where do you get your ingredients?

Similar to a hospital, we source our ingredients and supplies from a variety of reputable U.S. medical suppliers. We pride ourselves on using only the best and safest supplements in the industry.

Who can get an IV?

Almost anyone. We do not treat minors below the age of 18. Patients with certain medical conditions may not be appropriate for our treatment. After booking an appointment, all patients will review their medical history during a brief call with our medical staff. Our StriveIV infusion nurses will be present during the entire infusion process.

Are there any side effects during IV process?

No major side effects are usually seen after an IV infusion. A small bruise may occur and it is normal to experience a cooling sensation during the infusion.

How often can I get an IV treatment?

Most clients use our services weekly. However, you should tailor your IV treatments based on your bodies demand. Our medical staff will assist you with tailoring your infusions to get the maximum benefit.

Does it hurt?

The StriveIV team is composed of licensed medical professionals with multiple years of IV placement and infusion experience. Our nurses use the smallest sized needle appropriate for the infusion, you may feel a tiny pinch, similar to a simple blood test.

Cancellation Policy?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy.  MISSED APPOINTMENTS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. If StriveIV is unable to provide our service to you because of our availability, a refund will be made.

Do you do private parties or offer group rates?

We can accommodate private events of any size in almost any setting. We offer special discounts for large groups. Please email and include your group size and event details, and a concierge member will contact you immediately.

Do you offer promotions?

We are always running promotions and discounts!  Join our email list to stay connected!